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With traditional strip lights, it takes many LED chips to create bright light, and a single strip will likely only produce a soft light. To adequately light a counter or work surface, one will most likely need to install several strip fixtures to achieve an even level of illumination. With our LED Strip lights, we can help find you the right LED Strip for your application while also saving you money on your energy bills and giving your facility the opulence it deserves.


 Our LED Strip lights are available in a huge range of colours including superb colour changing or single colour options. All our LED Strips come with high quality ‘3M’ self-adhesive backing which means you just peel off the back of the strip and stick to any surface. No screwing or drilling is required. LED strip lights are completely maintenance free and have a life expectancy up to 50,000 hours. We have a range of rigid and flexible waterproof strip lights up to IP66 so they can be wrapped and adapted to a variety of conditions while creating striking and visual interior and exterior effects making them suitable for any type of environment. With the right type of driver you can even have your LED strip lights dimmed, giving you 100% control on your lighting.

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