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Street Lighting &

Smart Energy Management System

LiteLux iSmart LED Street lights can be intelligently controlled using modern computer systems. These systems are better suited to the inner city, parks, public areas, main highways and more rural areas where the volume of traffic fluctuates more, and therefore intelligent dimming would realise high energy savings. Further benefits of these systems include remote monitoring, fault detection, bespoke illumination protocols and comprehensive energy usage data.


With SEMS Intelligent street lighting control systems installed, you can remotely program the output of your entire street light network and/or any number of subgroups of lights or even individual fixtures from a single location (which could be anywhere in the world).






We Offer A Full TurnKey Solution

Our Intelligent street lighting control system is the ultimate centralised street light management solution:


  • Reduce more energy used by up to 40%.

  • Reduce maintenance by up to 50%

  • Increase bulb life by up to 25%.

  • Powerful control/management software with Google map.

  • Payback period as low as 2 years.

Tunnel | Bridge | High Mast

Intelligent Lighting Range

LiteLux Intelligent

GPRS Central Control | 10,000 lamps

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