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Our survey will reveal whether you have the correct lumen output for all areas of the business, the replacement LED equivalent to bring it up to spec and LiteLux may recommend alternative layouts and lighting system to improve effectiveness. This stage will detail capital cost, ROI and payback, reduction in carbon emissions. We can help you with power saving and return on investment calculations.




Correct installation of LiteLux Energy Efficient Lighting ensures maximum efficiency and minimum expenditure. Our technical staffs are available to answer questions regarding installation and we have trained installers in many areas to assist with assembly and connection of the lighting.


When your lights are ready for use we can guide you through the final stages of connection alternatively LiteLux offer 'on site' commissioning service for customers who require on the spot technical assistance.


Our technicians are available by telephone or email to help you through any issues installing LiteLux Energy Efficient Lighting. Our technical sales staff can provide vital assistance in making the most approp.riate choice of LED product for your specific requirements. We can help you with power saving and Return On Investment (ROI) calculations


LiteLux Lighting products are guaranteed from between 2- to 10yrs  years depending on the product.

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